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The Chihuahua is a big dog in a tiny package. Although he only weights between 2-8 pounds, he thinks he is the biggest and best guard dog available. This breed is very loyal to his owners and will try his best to protect them.

Chihuahua's at a Glance.

Characteristics of a Chihuahua Rank
2-8 pounds
Activity Level
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The Chihuahua is among the smallest of all dogs standing only 5-10 inches to his shoulder and weighting only about 2-8 pounds. The Chihuahua makes a great dog for someone who lives in a small space or a small apartment. They are needy in terms of companionship and unless socialized at an early age, they are typically not good with small children. The Chihuahua is great for an older couple with plenty of love and attention to give to this dog. They do not require a lot of exercise but are playful and love attention. These dogs can get very jealous of the attention given to other animals or kids. They do best as the only pet in a household.

The Chihuahua loves a good dog treat now and then, however, they may put on weight quickly so be sure to limit those delicious dog treats or increase his exercise.




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