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The Collie is a medium to large breed of dog. They do require some exercise to stay out of trouble and also to stay in shape. These dogs do tend to put on weight so daily runs and long walks are a must. The Collie is a great family dog if socialized with children as a young pup.

Collie's at a Glance.

Characteristics of an Collie Rank
50-75 pounds
Activity Level
Breed - Collie 06
Guard Dog Ability
Breed - Collie 10
Breed - Collie 08
Social Ability - People
Breed - Collie 05
Social Ability - Animals
Breed - Collie 08


The Collie is thought to have been bred originally from either England or from Scotland. The Collie wad bred to be a guard dog and a herding for sheep and other live stock. This breed of dog is highly trainable and very intelligent .Training is very easy if you use clicker treats on occasion. The dogs respond well to these treats. Provided that they receive proper training they can fit into a new family very well.

This breed sheds throughout most of the year. You will need to vacuum daily due to the long shedding fur. Controlled pet hair removal is best. Consistent brushing and vacuuming are key. The fur on the Collie is dense and long. It can be flat or somewhat curly.





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