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If your 're considering a Clumber Spaniel you are looking for a loyal companion. The Clumber Spaniel will generally pick one family member and become extremely close to that one person. Treat your dog right and he will be a friend for life. He will be very loving and playful with everyone, however his heart will belong to that one special person. This breed is not aggressive in fact they are very gentle.You will still want to supervise playtime with younger members of your family simply because of their strong frame and weight.

The Clumber Spaniel is a strong muscular dog that weights between 50-70 pounds. The females from this breed will be lighter. They stand about 17-20 tall at the shoulder. They are considered to be a medium sized sporting dog. The Clumber Spaniel's short yet strong body makes them ideal for retrieving prey in the underbrush the Hunter has killed. This breed is able to retrieve prey on land and in the water.

Clumber Spaniel's at a Glance.

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This breed is thought to originate in France and thought to be one of the earliest Spaniels. The Clumber Spaniel would work with the Hunter from large Estates in the 18th century to retrieve prey.

The Clumber Spaniel likes to be treated to a least a couple of walks each day.



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