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If your 're considering a Poodle you are looking at a breed that is highly intelligent, obedient and even respectful of his owner. Poodles enjoy life and are fun dogs to be around. They love people!

Most owners have Poodles professionally groomed. It would be a good idea for you to speak with several groomers in your area to make sure they know how to properly groom a Poodle. Also, you may want to know how much each grooming session will cost. You will also want to ask if the groomers will provide a few dog treats after each session. This will make it easier to get him back for another appointment.

Poodle at a Glance.

Characteristics of a Poodle Rank
Toy 4-9 pounds
Activity Level
8/10 08
Guard Dog Ability
2/10 02
Social Ability - People
6/10 06
Social Ability - Animals
6/10 06




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