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Australian Shepard Grooming

The Australian Shepard needs to be groomed daily. 07 dog breeed 07

This is a long haired breed with fur that tends to curl therefore controlled pet hair removal is important. In order to avoid "natting" of the fur simply brush the dog for a few minutes each day. When it comes to trimming this breed, it may be best left to a dog groomer. If you plan on showing your Australian Shepard, be sure to research what the judges are looking for in terms of grooming. For example, one of the major clubs want to see a natural looking, yet well trimmed dog.

When brushing your dog, follow the direction of his fur. Start by brushing his head gently, then work your way down. Your Australian Shepard will look forward to his daily gentle brushing.

Even with daily brushing, you will find that this breed sheds almost year round. You may need to vacuum daily. Some breeds shy away from grooming, you may want to keep a few small dog treats on hand during this process to keep him relaxed.






















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