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If your 're considering a Pug what you will find is a great big, actually "huge" dog in a small package. Pugs are very friendly dogs and love to be with people.You will find this breed easy to play with. Often times the Pug will be entertaining you.

Pugs date back to China many thousands of years ago. Pugs were considered very valuable in Pre-Christian days often times they were even guarded by the royals who owned them. It is thought that Dutch traders brought Pugs from China to Europe where they became immediately popular with both the working class and the Royals.

Pugs at a Glance.

Characteristics of a Pug Rank
14-19 pounds
Activity Level
06/10 06
Guard Dog Ability
08/10 08
04/10 04
Social Ability - People
8/10 08
Social Ability - Animals
07/10 07


Pugs require daily exercise, short walks will do. They also require, at least, daily cleaning of their characteristically wrinkled face. A gentle brushing 3-4 times a week will do.

It is important that you do NOT keep Pugs outside in the summer time. Pugs can NOT handle the heat well.




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