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Jack Russell Terrier

If your 're considering a Jack Russell Terrier you will find them to be very affectionate dogs. Jack Russell's have a high energy level and will need daily exercise and human interaction for them to be happy. The Jack Russell Terrier is a lot of dog in a tiny package. They think they are a much bigger dog then then truly are. It is not uncommon for a Jack Russell to run the show at a dog park even with much larger dogs around.

The Jack Russell Terrier can best be described as extremely intelligent, cunning, affectionate and loyal. This dog is so smart you will think you are talking to a little boy in a dog's suit. With proper training you can even get this dog to fetch a specific toy you would like for him to play with. These dogs are a real treat to spend time with.

Jack Russell Terrier's at a Glance.

Characteristics of a Jack Russell Terrier Rank
12-17 pounds
Activity Level
10/10 10 ++
Guard Dog Ability
8/10 08
4/10 04
Social Ability - People
7/10 07
Social Ability - Animals
5/10 05






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