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Golden Retriever Activity

You will need to keep this dog busy.

The Golden Retriever is a breed which requires daily exercise in order to control possible behavioral issues and otherwise to keep the dog healthy. This breed would love to become part of a family who has a large fenced in yard for lots of play time.

Before choosing any breed of dog, it is best if you work with your breeder or rescue group sharing with them a profile of your family. Make sure to mention your families activity level, typical weekend planning, number of walks you take a week etc. A Golden Retriever is a real treat for the right family.

Golden Retriever's love to be active and they love people. A great situation for this breed is to have a large fenced in yard with a family who love to throw the ball or frisbee to him. Play time is important and so is affection. He will also love to be rewarded with a good and tasty treat after a play time session.

Perhaps, you are willing to consider an adult Golden Retriever who is already house trained and his energy level may not be as high.


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