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If your 're considering a Doberman Pinscher you will find them to be very affectionate dogs. They are sometimes, over protective of thier owners. Introductions to new people and animals friends should be done slowly. Unfortunately, this dog is given a bad reputation. This breed is loyal, smart and very loving.

Despite the bad publicity this breed receives, most Dobermans are great with children and other pets. These devoted family dogs will do anything to please their owners and are highly trainable. However, you do need to be careful if you have young children and a Doberman puppy. Puppies can accidentally knock your children down, since they do not realize their own strength and are very energetic. You will need to begin training and socializing your Doberman as soon as you bring him home to avoid problem behaviors. Dobermans are very intelligent and can get into quite a lot of mischief if they are left to themselves.

This dog is so smart you will think you are talking to a little boy in a dog's suit. With proper training you can even get this dog to fetch a specific toy you would like for him to play with. These dogs are a real treat to spend time with.

Doberman Pinscher's at a Glance.

Characteristics of a Doberman Pinscher Rank
55-90 pounds
Activity Level
Guard Dog Ability
4/10 04
Social Ability - People
7/10 07
Social Ability - Animals
5/10 05






















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