Teach your dog how to sit with a hand signal

So, your dog already knows the verbal sit command. Why then do you think it is important to teach him how to sit using a hand signal? Well, there may be times when you are in an environment, such as by a train moving by quickly, when you will need to somehow convey to your dog to "Sit". Also, as you dog ages his hearing may not be as good as it once was when he was a pup. These are just a few great reasons why you will want to incorporate hand signals into your verbal training for your dog.

This lesson assumes that you have already taught your dog how to "sit" using the verbal command. If you feel you and your dog need a refresher on this please click on the article, " Teach your dog to sit in 5 easy steps ".

Start our by practicing the verbal sit command. Follow the steps given in the article,"Teach your dog to sit in 5 easy steps". Now, while still giving your dog the verbal "sit" command, add a hand signal. Hide the treat in your left hand. Give the verbal "sit" command while extending your right hand, palm up and flat, slightly over your dog's head. When your dog sits immediately give him a treat and use your conditioned response word, "Yes". Remember to say,"Yes" in a positive and excited way. Repeat this skill for 20 minutes, then continue to practice each day for the next week.

Good luck and Happy Tails to you!

Very happy dog owner

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