5 Tips on Preparing your Dog for Training

So, now that you have this wonderful dog and great addition to your family, how can you get him to do what you ask? It's best if you can start training your dog as soon as possible after the adoption to your family. Dogs like kids enjoy a routine. The sooner you can start dog training the better. If you adopted a puppy, it's best to wait to start training until your pup is about 8 weeks of age.

Prior to any training session it is best if you and your dog can prepare by doing the following:

1. Exercise prior to any dog training session.

Run your dog around for at least 15 minutes before you attempt to ask for his undivided attention. Puppies and dogs of most ages will appreciate being able to release pent up energy. Based on your dogs breed, you may want to increase this play session to 30 minutes prior to training. For example, a Jack Russell Terrier will need the extra play time. So plan for it!

2. Withhold food prior to your dog training session.

You do not do this to be cruel, but rather to reward you dogs positive behavior with delicious dog treats. Dogs, like kids, will respond better to positive cues and rewards. It's best for you two wear shorts or jeans with pockets. You will want to store your dog treats in your pockets. If you prefer a fanny pack turned around, will work too. Make sure to have plenty of training treats on hand that will last you for the session.

3. Focus on learning one skill each session.

Most good dog schools will have you focus on learning only one new skill per session. Remember, the training truly is for the two of you. You will need to learn and master the command to give your dog. Training is a partnership that you and your dog will find rewarding. You will be surprised at how close the two of you will become when working together.

4. With hold your dog's favorite toy for playtime.

After each training session, reward your dog with at least 5 minutes of playtime with him. I like to hide a favorite toy and bring this toy out after a training session as a reward. This playtime session is a reward for your dog and a bonding experience for you.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to master any skill is practice. 2 Great ways to practice:

1. Set aside a consistent time everyday to practice for 10 minutes.

2. Use the skill your dog has already learned "naturally" throughout each day. For example, there are times when you will want your dog to "sit" before you present his food. Give him the "sit" command and then reward him with his dinner.


Now you and your dog are ready to em"bark" on your first training session.

Good luck and Happy Tails to You!


Very happy dog owner

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